Mar 15, 2015


Who is Galileo, what year did he live and why is he famous?  -->Answer

Mar 8, 2015

Fire Ants

Worldwide, how many species of fire ants are in existence? Which continents have most of them? --> Answer

Mar 1, 2015

Fresh water

From where on the planet does most of our fresh water come from? -->Answer

Feb 15, 2015

Feb 8, 2015

Thanks Giving Day

What is the origin of Thanks Giving Day which is annually observed in the United States and Canada?  -->Answer

Feb 1, 2015


Where can we find the tallest mountain in the solar system?  -->Answer

Jan 31, 2015


Fever is a rise in body temperature above ________? Fahrenheit, Celsius? We know that “fever“ is a symptom of many diseases such as infection by a virus or a bacterium. Is the term “fever“ also used to name certain diseases?  -->Answer

Jan 30, 2015

Human embryo

In a human embryo, at how many weeks gestation can a mass be detected that will later form into the baby’s heart and lungs?  -->Answer

Jan 28, 2015


Is it true that kites were used to collect weather data from the 1700's until the early 1900’s? Are kites used for any special celebrations in Japan and China?  -->Answer

Jan 27, 2015


Hummingbirds are known as the smallest birds. How many kinds and species of hummingbirds are in existence? What is the smallest hummingbird? Is it true that they can fly backwards and even upside down for short distances? What is their maximum speed?  -->Answer

Jan 26, 2015

White light

What are the colors that blend to form "white light"?  -->Answer

Jan 25, 2015

Characteristics of an “intelligent” human being

What are the three characteristics that people generally attribute to an “intelligent” human being?  -->Answer

Jan 24, 2015

Thickness of Earth’s crust, mantle and core

We know that Earth is the densest of the planets in our solar system and that it is made up of a crust, mantle and core. Which one of these three components is the thinnest and what is its average thickness?  -->Answer

Jan 23, 2015


The Halloween customs that are observed in North America on October 31 come from the beliefs of which people? What were those beliefs?  -->Answer

Jan 22, 2015

Earth Day

When is “Earth Day”? When did it start? Who pioneered the concept, and in what year?  -->Answer

Jan 21, 2015

Jan 20, 2015


Is it true that towards the end of the 18th century nursing was considered an unsuitable occupation for “proper” young women? How so? What events in the United States established the need for more nurses in both military and civilian life?  -->Answer

Jan 19, 2015


If you are making models of the Earth and Moon to show their relative size and mass and the Earth is represented as a ball of clay 6 inches in diameter (about the size of a large bagel) how big would the Moon be?  -->Answer